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Analysis / John Grove

As Europeans navigate a crippling debt crisis, the Left is resurgent. But left-of-centre leaders have yet to present credible plans for easing austerity and spurring growth.


China vs Japan

Rising nationalism is feuling the conflict between China and Japan over a string of islands in the East China Sea. The real battle is over the nations' dueling economic interests.


George Soros

The European Union has lost sight of some of its founding principles and it is time for the union to rediscover a European spirit of solidarity, urges George Soros.


Analysis / Jean Pisani-Ferry

The seemingly coordinated actions of central banks across the globe masks how different policies are in fact undermining an effective respone to the economic crisis in Europe and the the rest of the world.


The life of Serge Gainsbourg

A musical anarchist of epic proportions, Serge Gainsbourg continues to rattle French culture. A look at the colossal legacy of France's foremost enfant terrible.



As the US Anti-Doping Agency prepares to present its case against seven-time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong, the sport faces a crucial test of its credibility.

The Bigger Picture

A Palestinian woman walks through a Gaza City neighbourhood destroyed by an Israeli airstrike.