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The life of Serge Gainsbourg

A musical anarchist of epic proportions, Serge Gainsbourg continues to rattle French culture. A look at the colossal legacy of France's foremost enfant terrible.

Why snubbing books by women is not the same as snubbing motorbikes

Here in Canada, a literary and pedagogical storm is a-brewing. A University of Toronto lecturer, David Gilmour, himself a novelist, gave an interview to Emily M Keeler of Hazlitt magazine, in which he explained that he's not interested in teaching books by women. According to Gilmour, he only teaches the best. "I don't love women writers enough to teach them," he explains, "If you want women writers go down the hall. What I teach is guys.

New York pays tribute to French star Edith Piaf

Two concerts featuring prominent Francophone and Anglophone singers will pay tribute to French chanteuse Edith Piaf in New York this week. The events will mark the 50th anniversary of Piaf’s death, and honour her ties to the Big Apple. She may not make headlines like Miley Cyrus, but famous French chanteuse Edith Piaf will reclaim the spotlight this week in New York. For the first time, French music festival “Les Francofolies” is coming state-side for two evening events in the Big Apple, both honouring Piaf.

'Blurred Lines' banned from campus bars at five UK universities

Five British universities have banned Robin Thicke's hit single "Blurred Lines" from campus bars, amid claims it "excuses rape culture." The students’ union at London's Kingston University has become latest to refuse to play the song. It had previously been removed from playlists at Edinburgh, Leeds, Derby and West Scotland universities due to its allegedly misogynistic lyrics. “The song hugely objectifies woman and excuses rape culture,” said Hollie O’Connor, president of the University of Derby Students' Union.

The life of Anne Frank as a computer game

Anne Frank's life story is associated all over the world with the atrocities of the Nazi regime. Now a German game designer has turned her life in hiding into a computer game. But is this going too far? Anne sits in the kitchen studying while her mother prepares lunch for the residents of the hideout, located in a rear house in Amsterdam. She asks Anne to get a bag of potatoes from the attic. But Anne has second thoughts. She feels weak and tired. Should she really go upstairs and get the bag? What if she stumbles and makes noise? Would the neighbors hear the noise and report them?

A woman has made feminism funny. Now over to the men...

Bridget Christie has won the top comedy prize at the Edinburgh Festival with a show about feminism. Fellow comedian, Katy Brand, gives an insight into the world of 'Ladycomics'.